The BMZ/GIZ, EBRD, IFC, ILO and Swisscontact are pleased to announce the following core topics. You can download the underlying principles of entrepreneurship promotion by clicking here.

1. MSME segmentation and entrepreneur-centred approaches

Is business training effective? Are we successful in changing behaviour and improving business outcomes? And how do we support different types of entrepreneurs, e.g. traditional MSMEs vs. growth-oriented enterprises? This opening session will summarize lessons learnt and discuss the importance of segmentation in providing the right support and finance to different enterprise types.

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2. Interplay between financial and non-financial services

While access to finance is usually high on the list when asking MSMEs what they need to scale up, other critical factors emerge when we look beyond money, e.g. shortage of management skills. This topic will shed light on what non-financial services are coming to the fore and how to combine them with finance to produce better results and higher impact.

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3. MSME support in the digital era

Digital technologies open new possibilities to support MSMEs, such as e-learning, cloud-based accounting or e-commerce. This topic will analyze the impact of digitalization on MSME support and their delivery channels.

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4. Entrepreneurial ecosystems and local organizations

What are the consequences of adapting an ecosystem approach to promote entrepreneurship in emerging markets? This topic will be dedicated to discussing latest trends in ecosystem building, the role of local support organizations and explore new ways on how to achieve system impact and change.

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5. Shedding light on conflict settings, gender aspects, and other new trends

What do you need to do different in fragile and conflict-affected contexts? How to successfully integrate gender-aspects in MSME acceleration? And how to create win-win-situations in fostering collaboration between start-ups and large companies? This topic will shed light on specific fragility and gender issues and explore the roles of new actors in building entrepreneurship ecosystems.

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